Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our EP release happened

Last night was a big night for us as we released our EP "DEBUT" as well as our music video for "GUNSMOKE". Our good friends Convoys also released their rad new video. It was an incredible night with great friends, loud music, drinking, dancing and balloons! When Convoys came back to the stage to join us for some end of the night rock-jam-face-scrunch-hipthrust-youkissyourmotherwiththatmouth?-guitar explosions... our guests had become a medieval mob and I think I even saw some devil horns (not real ones, the ones you make with your hand like an antennae to capture the rock).

Seething dance moves evolved to moshing and there were no part-timers to be found. When Jason (of Convoys) started wandering into the crowd while howling "North American Scum" I was a little afraid he might not make it back to us... but he did. He did.

So anyway, it really meant a lot to us to have such good people greet our screaming faces with their screaming faces in a moment of mutual love and respect that is usually felt only in the hearts of jedis and lions. So thanks to Convoys and everyone elso who worked so hard to make this happen. For us, it was the best!


  1. The link on your page to download the EP for free has a typo so it's not working. You flipped the I and the T. Just FYI. Great album!

    1. thanks so much! And thanks for letting us know about the link. It should be working now!